Oct 22, 2008

New Rhythm

I recently accepted a ministry position at our local church. We've been attending Highland Baptist Church since we moved to Dallas five years ago. There have been a lot of ups and downs. The last two years we have been pastorless. In August, our close friend, Grant Gassiott agreed to be the Senior Pastor. This is a really good thing. Grant served our church previously as the Pastor of Young Adults, and was a rock during the interim.

One of the nice thing about our church is that there are plenty of opportunities to get involved. As our Children's Ministry director was stepping down, there was a volunteer spot available to lead that department. I'm having a blast with Grant and the other staff members. I think we make a good team. I work at the church on Mondays. They've been generous to give me my own office, which has been especially helpful, since I've been moving my books and cases to the church. This has freed up much-needed real estate for our son who is scheduled to be born November 17.

My hope was that my first ministry post-seminary would be in a supportive role under a man from whom I could learn a lot about leadership. Grant is a great example. I'm thankful that my career in nursing gives the flexibility to take a bi-vocational approach as the Lord continues to shape me.

So, if you see a fairly consistent theme on this blog related to Children's Ministry--this is why.