Oct 18, 2008


After more than a year off, I decided to re-enter. Since dandielines in recent years has been almost exclusively a site for communicating about our family, I thought it would be good to launch my musings in another location. This way those who simply want to see pics of the kiddos don't have to scroll through the blather. So, I welcome you to Grace and Peace--hopefully a place of mutual encouragement. After much deliberation (mostly in my head, but some with my wife), I choose the name because it is one of my favorite phrases in the Bible. Paul consistently uses it in his greetings. I consider myself not only to be a recipient, but also a lifelong student of Grace. Man's rebellion made us enemies with God. His gracious provisions (in His Son, by His Spirit) have brought peace between the Creator and His Creatures. Thus, for Christians to greet one another "Grace to and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ," is to remind one another of the Gospel--the very reality that unites us as brothers and sisters.


matthew said...

first of all, thank you for your re-entrance.

second of all, the blog is beautiful.

The Blossers said...

Thanks, bro.